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Company Philosophy
Core Competitiveness
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Management Structure
                 Environmental protection, community responsibility,
                                    customer wealth creation, enterprise value manifestion

Competition of market steep day by day, consumer rights and interests protection, sustainable development environmental protection idea enhances day after day. As members of different social classes, we must has responsible manner to promote the economical development and society's progress initiatively, to manifest own value in the social labor. Therefore, to attend environmental protection is the culture basic for enterprise growing strong.
      Enterprises and the society have always maintained a balance. Enterprises create wealth and learn nutrition from social demand while at the same time giving something back to society; they create a harmonious symbiotic relationship. Enterprise must bear the economic prosperity and social justice responsibility. Therefore, the community responsibility is the social basis for long-term development.
     "Participation, cooperation, increament" is custom service idea since Hanhen established. We realize our own value by Integrating to customer market with Practical, cooperation, positive and responsible manner, by reducing custom's cost, by improving product conductivity, by participating customer brand construction .
Therefore, to create custom's wealth is economic basis for Hanhen's survival development.
      All the above indicated that Environmental protection, community responsibility, customer wealth creation, enterprise value manifestion are the society basic, culture basic and economic basic for Hanhen's live. The enterprise only has the solid foundation then can growth and the strength. Thus, our Hanhen person persevering this idea, take ¡°the coordination commerce¡± as the prospect goal, try our best to make more, better, higher quality products while full concerning security, makes the contribution for the green sustainable development's happy society.
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