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Company Philosophy
Core Competitiveness
Quality Commitment
Public Information
Management Structure
Enterprise Vision
Modern logistic is changing the world, innovative supply chain enriching people¡¯s life. In Hanhen, we devote in promoting company¡¯s innovation and commercial transformation. To practices ¡°facilitates people's work and the life¡± as the highest vision.
Business strategy
Construct network service
We devote in building a global logistics distribution nodes, closer to the customer's service agencies, through the support of the global response to provide customers with one-stop full service.
Cross-regional cultural integration
We devote to localization of global service, accept and receive overseas partners from different culture, different countries and different systems according to the idea of ¡±tolerance, cooperation, communication¡±, offer the global standard service to local clients.
Reengineering on quality system and process
In view of the supply chain is an open dynamic operating system, we devote to import and review processes to establish a standard system in daily operations, to integrate the advanced information technology and management idea, to implement the dynamic monitoring and the risk control on product and service quality, to construct highly effective sustainable developing road for enterprise growth.
To promote the popularity of the outsourcing
The supply chain we offered need the scale effect to show it¡¯s scientific and innovative. We expand the influence by market promotion, the cultivation, the guidance and the release demand to form the industrial production scale.

Growth cornerstone
The team with innovative thoughts and responsible character is the greatest value of Hanhen. The respect for individuality privacy protection, the clean letter personal integrity, the collective struggle and does not give to the active staff is the sustainable development solid guarantee.
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