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Hanhen Shipping(China) Co., Ltd established in 2004. We are the Asian leading 3PL supplier. Hanhen concentrates in supply chain solution research, design and execution and devotes in the global outstanding specialized supply chain service provider.
      Headquarter of Hanhen Shipping locates in Shenzhen, China. Has the highly effective team which young the creativity professional composes from the university, the project, the electron, IT, the cold chain, the automobile, domains and so on chemical industry.Meanwhile, we establish free trade zone in major economic reagion all over China for developing overseas market. In Canada, India has set up the office, devotes to serve trade contact between Global business with Chinese and the Asian.
      Hanhen Shipping use advanced information technology, the service idea, the conformity whole world resources, melt the commercial interchange, the logistics, the information flow in a body, builds the omni-directional "one-stop" work style supply chain platform.We do the contract with enterprise in non-core business's outsourcing files - logistic outsourcing, the commercial outsourcing, supplies the chain project design and the execution outsourcing, provides diversificate products which taking the multi-combined transportation, the project logistics, the purchase logistics and the retailing allocation as the core, including customs matters, logistics, dynamic stock, simple processing, international allocation, transit trade, project alternative design and execution and so on, helping the customer to save the cost, speeds up the enterprise to circulate the efficiency, enhances the produce market competitive power.
      Today, we have obtained the favor and long-term support by the world first 500 strong enterprises and various professions;established long time cooperation with Cofco, Chalieco, Mazda, BYD AUTO, ZTE, SEC, Vedanta£¨Posoco, Hindalco£¨Martrex.
      In future we will devote in establishing transfer central in major cities of China and logistic point in overseas economy growth region for realizing covers global supply chain service network. We will innovate the thought and the rigorous practice to promote enterprise's innovation and the commercial transformation. We will do effort for building a smooth and seamless commercial new order.
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