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Enterprise Culture
Employee Growth
Individual Values
               Innovation, Cooperation, Communication, Tolerance, Teamwork, Knowledge, Acting, Share

Innovation: simple structure, efficient team, wise vision, forward-thinking and ahead of the sense of crisis.
Cooperation: team's fusion, friend's fusion, colleague's fusion, regards colleague as partner.
Communication: The matter of communication, interpersonal communication, team members communication and the social integration.
Tolerance: Good will, humble personality, noble personal character, accommodation and tolerance different view.
Teamwork: The personal interest obey collective interests, the personal behavior obey team motion, individual thought obey team's ideal.
Knowledge: The knowledge structure renews, individual self-control to sharpen, the synthesizing capacity unceasingly to promote, the occupational ethics self-restraint unceasingly.
Acting: Responsible for the positive, to be creative and face the crisis, responsible for the failure.
Share: Shares successful, the honor, the benefit, and other people's joy and the happiness.
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