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Bonded Warehousing
We have bonded warehouses and common warehouses in Asian major cities which providing multi-level warehouse allocation service for all kinds of customersí» demands in storage, pasting trade mark, bonded processing, assembling and so on.. We devote in providing comprehensive support service for customers' trade activities, and speed up the global various logistics mode construction according to customers'  demands, establish the global supply chain service system.

Warehouse Distribution Map

Bonded processing and display

We use the specialized warehouse which set up in bonded area in major cities of China to provide value-added services such as demonstration, subpackage and simple processing, examination and overhaul on recall commodity and so on. Such services can reduce your customs duty cost, protect the flow of goods and reduce controllable cost caused by market development, promote the financing demand of supply chain, enhance the market competitiveness of goods.

Import bonded packaging plans of Denmark a biscuit enterprise

Logistics Distribution

Advanced code management and RIFD data system provide powerful support for Hanhení»s logistic distribution. The bonded warehouse and general stores in major cities of China and advanced information technology platform composed of distribution system, which can provide timely information data and distribution management for your cargo to enter China market. We devote to prompt commodity cycling and security of financing supply chain, thus save your cost.

HAN-Bonded Warehousing Logistics Dispatch System


1. Bonded service would be changed according to the different policy from different countries.
2. Work time of bonded warehouse is restricted by the work time of customs officers from different countries.
3. Please contact customer service department to get more details


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