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Hanhen engineering Logistics team provide a whole range of logistics service for many international large resources enterprises in power plants/steel/aluminum/oil/gas pipeline construction site of India/Saudi Arab/ Indonesia/Vietnam/Australia. We have a proffessional team with many years¡¯ experience of technical line exploration, on-site operation safety, project supervising and logistics solution design. In view of the specificity of engineering equipment and logistics,we designed a number of logistics solutions and security control programs combining with different models of transport. We provide a comprehensive supply chain management services including device packaging, overseas transport, customs, inland distribution, security control. At the same time, we also have proffessional staffs who are familiar with different countries¡¯ law/tariff/regulations to coordinate the customs clearance services in order to assure on-time install of large equipment and fulfilment of project. 

When there is no large-scale handling machinery, we develop barge and roll-roll technology and use the tidal change in the morning and evening.Then move the large equipment on board under the adjustment of ballast water during high tide. That can save the cost for building the self-loading terminal and using of large-scale machinery.

For the heavy bulk shipment and long distance oversea shipment, we use advanced three-dimensional simulation technology, loading the cargo reasonably in order to save the cabin volume and keep safety of precision parts, bulky and vulnerable parts. At the same time, we also try our best to save your transportation cost under the guarantee shipping security¡¯s premise.

For the large cargo which can not transport on road regularly because of over length and over weight,  we use flat trailer and snorkels/bridge into a trailer truck group/Au-trailer trucks and cargo trailers long car group to avoid the distraction of road and bridgewe use path¡¯s slope and guarantee the cargo pass smoothly.

For precision instruments and high valued standard equipment, small non-standard parts of easy vulnerability, spare parts, we provide install guide, safety transport direction and full container transport to avoid loss and damage because of moisture, impact, repeated loading and unloading process. The standard operational procedures and professional workers keep the transportation security.

1.  Because of the extend of construction time and engineering complication of the large project, please prospect and make a plan and calculate cost in the engineering design stage.
2.  Logistics cost may be affected by construction delays, international oil price, changes of currency exchange.
3.  The operation speed of overseas project may be affected by the working efficiency of entrance country¡¯s government or customs and local transportation situation.
4.  Overseas projects cost may be increased by strike and local political factors.
5.  For more advice, please contact our engineering experts.


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