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Our professional auto transportation management team have long-term cooperation with a number of manufacturers.We can provide a full set of logistics service including vehicles transportation , parts and spare parts purchase and parts buffer stocks. Upon professional loading technology and worldwide agent network and 24 hours air Express service for spare parts  we assure customerí»s all kinds of demands. We also provide one-stop support for product delivery, loading, maintenance, testing, recalls
Our ro-ro ship transport service provide long distance overseas transportation for heavy-duty vehicles, large-scale engineering vehicles, truck, buses, locomotives, carriages, cars, yachts.

We provide binding and fastness service for small quantities of CMB, large buses, construction machinery and small yacht by open-top containers, flat rack and special containers.

Our professional technical staff provide guiding and supervising support of binding, fasteness for your sedans, mini-cars which loaded by FCL.It will reduce your cost greatly.(standard 40'HQ can load 4 sets of sedans)

Our regional bonded warehouse, transit warehouses and advanced logistics and distribution system can provide service of centralization and buffer stock the spare parts, recall detection and repair of motor vehicles and offer the warehouse receipt financing services pledge to reduce the expenditure pressure on tariffs.
1. Please provide the complete clearance documents and inspection reports because of the automotive specificity.
2. Please choose rational security protection and carrier according to the transport distance.
3. Professional technical staff can provide the suggestion on safe transportation.
4. Please contact customer service department to get more details.
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