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In Hanhen, we have a number of professional and technical team which have years' experience in cold chain logistics service.We can provide technical support and standard MRP service. Our specialized product HAC CP security team provide consultation and suggestion for clients once receiving the cargo.We help clients establish international standard production safety system and SOP operation system under VMP which provide monitoring and technical support  in distribution and selling process.
Advanced RFID tags and technical experts ensure and control the food safety from in various process from commodity receipt, synchronization equipment to control temperature, humidity monitor setting, temperature and humidity records and tracking from the beginning of goods acceptance, .








Transport and storage of Fresh cargo

After harvesting, fruits and vegetables continue to "live and breathe" consuming oxygen and producing carbon dioxide. This respiration means a loss of sweetness and a change in texture in most produce, however, the major effect of respiration is heat generation, which speeds up all other forms of deterioration. Thus, we keep perishable commodities fresh by controlling temperature, humidity and air circulation during the transportation.

Fresh in a container must ensure that the combination is correct. If the temperature of a product is too low, will lead to frozen; and if the temperature on the other products, too, will accelerate the decay. Carriers must understand the level of product respiration, gases produced under certain temperature and humidity , the patience and sensitivity against the gases. It is recommended to consider the compatibility of transport fresh produce.
Storage Temperature
0 °C
0 °C
5 °C
7 -10 °C
13 -18°C
15 -18°C
Relative Humidity
95 - 100%
65 - 75%
90 - 95%
85 - 90%
85 - 90%
85 - 90%
Contact with commodity acceptable
Never in contact with commodity
In contact only with Rockmelon
Never in contact with commodity
Never in
contact with commodity
Never in
contact with commodity
Never in contact with commodity
Compatible Commodities
Artichokes,Asparagus Beetroots Blackberries Blueberries Broccoli Cabbage Carrots Grapes Kohlrabi Leeks Mushrooms Parsley Peas Quince Celery Strawberries Tangerines Rhubarb Turnips Rhubarb
Cranberries Lychee
Mandarin Oranges Rockmelons Tangelos
Avocados Beans (French) Capsicum
Chilli peppers Cucumbers
Eggplant Guava
Passionfruit Squash (button) Tomatoes (colored)
Watermelon Zucchini
Sweet potatoes (Kumara)
Bananas Grapefruit
Honeydew Melon Papaws
Squash (Hard Shell)
(mature green)
Combine the characteristics of sea and air transport, the correct method of loading in dealing with the refrigerated goods is very important. We should choose correct manner to load container according to product characteristics, one-piece packaging and air flow system. For refrigerated and temperature insensitive goods, can take sealed manner; for temperature sensitive goods, could choose a well-ventilated pallets to ensure the good air circulation. We will be happy to introduce suitable methods for your goods to ensure air circulation, protection and no damage during transport.

The most common reason for perishable products damage during the transportation is shaking, bumps or packaging filled. Appropriate packaging materials can help us avoid these problems. We can pack them with small single pieces and then combine them together with a large pallet.

 Parameter settings
In order to ensure the cargo safety during the transportation, we make good communication with clients and other relations at the beginning of cargo acceptance; to check the dry ice and batteries volume, precooling frozen container set correct parameters before transportation. We also have effective supervision to terminals, feeder vessel, the mother ship, rail and road during transportation and can make effective solution for accident, so as to safeguard the implementation of the cold chain.

1.Because of the uniqueness and timeliness, cold chain products need sensible plan for loading.
2. The long-distance transportation of goods will inevitably have a loss, please set rea, sonable insurance.
3. Drugs, flowers and other special commodities’ transportation, we have maturity solutions, welcome your inquiries.
4. Please contact custom service to get more details.

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