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Out-Sourcing Logistics
International Distribution
Triangular Trade
Business Service
According to the demands of overseas buyers and end-users, we provide purchasing agency service in China, including business - information implementation, logistics-capital implementation and brand extension service.

1. Our own import and export trading company can sign sales contract, issue export license, custom clearance documents and Original of Certificate. It will facilitate your purchase and export customs clearance.
2. We provide storage, logistics and other service to facilitate the different suppliersí» goods'  assembling and distribution.
3. We offer bank account to facilitate your payment handling.
4. We provide purchasing agent, translators, deputy factory audit, testing, third-party inspection and so on.
5. You can choose our office as your procurement office to improve your brand and reputation.

A.  Business - Information implementation
According to customerí»s business requirements, we provide following business and data feedback service.

B. Logistics-Capital implementation
According to customerí»s logistics requirements, we assemble goods from different suppliers. After sub-standard, affixed to Mark, packaging then distribute to different end-users by order, and settle the payment according to the contract.

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