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Out-Sourcing Logistics
International Distribution
Triangular Trade
Business Service
We provide full agency service for commodity from overseas manufacturers and traders to China, including Business - Information implementation, Logistics-Capital implementation and Distributors C Channels implementation.

1. We provide business information about market access which includes market research, legal advice, trademark registration, certification and quarantine, customs duty  etc.
2. Our own import & export trading company can issue import documents, provide customs clearance service, quarantine certification, tariff payment, etc.
3.  We can assist in the selection of distributors or building sales channels, being responsible for brand promotion and products sales.
4. Our bonded warehouses and general stores all over China can provide a full range of direct distribution service.
5. As your agent we can provide recall, returns processing, brand support and public relations service.
6. We offer bank account to facilitate your purchase payment payable.

Import Dispatch Process

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