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India Vedanta Project Successfully Completed
Vedanta, India project team of Hanhen Project Logistics Dep. has successfully completed control systems and transmission equipment alumina tenders in 500,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum smelter project and honors returned.
This contract execution lasts for three years, the outward cargo 28,000 tons, goods value USD 230,000,000.         Team members to overcome all the difficulties, in response to India's poor infrastructure, engineering inefficient national conditions and customs of the differences, arrange shipping and distribution reasonablly take the initiative to meet the project constructor¡¯s progress. They also communicate with buyer and construction side actively, visited China Aluminum, Vedanta Group, the West Bengal Government, Calcutta Customs, China's Consulate General in Calcutta for several times and established good cooperative relations with strong support, so that can complete the contract tasks timely and efficiently, obtained high praise from construction side and owner., won the honor for Hanhen Project Logsitic Dep. with first grade in the three our-sourcing distributors.
At annual work conference and awards ceremony in January 18, 2009, Direct Manager Mr. Jacky Zhung expressed appreciation to each project team, reward for Vedanta project team¡¯s performance and affirmed the work of Indian Project team on behalf of the company.
At the same time, Mr. Jacky Zhung also called on all staff to learn the spirit of overcome the difficulties and perseverance from the members of Indian Project Dep., to face the economic crisis positively and control finance. In view of the actual situation, all stuff should meet opportunities and challenges with greater enthusiasm.
At press time, India and Malaysia project logistics is under going on smoothly. (Correspondent: Xiaobing 2009-1-18)
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